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SERVI DORYL designs, produces and markets moulds, block-moulds, coagulation vats, draining trays and a whole host of other products for making all types of soft and pressed cheese alike.

As a specialist in plastic manufacturing applied to cheesemaking technology, SERVI DORYL has developed unique techniques over the years for perforating, marking patterns, shaping and welding high-performance, high-quality plastic parts and plates. SERVI DORYL also offers a full range of metal products such as stainless steel and aluminium moulding distributors and trays, trolleys and other small pieces of equipment used in the cheese industry.

Every types of cheese can be made on ALPMA equipment

Coagulation vats

SERVI DORYL coagulation vats are designed for optimal slicing and mixing.

Diverse shapes are available to meet your requirements - semi-spherical, semi-elliptical, semi-cylindrical, flat-based.

Coagulation Vats - Alpma GB

Moulds and extensions

SERVI DORYL offers two types of moulding and draining systems for soft cheese:

- the open system, where bottomless moulds are placed on draining mats which are in turn placed on draining trays.

- the bottom system where moulds with bottom are used for moulding and draining in block-on-block stacking.

Moulds and Extensions - Alpma GB

Draining mats

Placed onto draining trays, SERVI DORYL draining mats – with mesh or baguettes – let the whey out whilst keeping in and preserving the curd. A variety of models are available, depending on the space between the baguettes or the thickness of mesh you require, and whether you want a reversible or raised version, designed to fit your measurements.

Draining Mats - Alpma GB

Drainage trays

Our draining trays, single- or double-sided, are available in:

- polypropylene copolymer,
- stainless steel,
- aluminium.

Drainage Trays - Alpma GB


304 or 316 stainless steel racks tailored to your dimensions (25, 31 or 51 wires). Designed for manual or mechanical use, they can be stacked on our standard supports and are easy to handle on our trolleys. The racks can be fitted with plastic cheese separators to prevent the different cheeses from touching each other during transport or brining.

Aging - Alpma GB

Pressing moulds

Each cheese and each technology calls for the very best combination between the pattern (print left by the mould on the cheese) – which determines the draining and closing of the rind – and the perforations, which let the whey seep outside of the mould. We offer over 40 different combinations, each varying in the pattern print and depth, and type and density of micro-perforation.

Pressing moulds - Alpma GB

Moulds and acidification plates

The moulds and acidification plates help to maintain the shape and pattern of your choice during acidification and brining where applicable. Our specific perforations allow the brine to penetrate, through the mould, right into the centre of the cheese.

Moulds and Acidification Plates - Alpma GB

Aging solutions

SERVI DORYL aging solutions are particularly suited to pressed cheese.

Designed to ensure perfect cheese ventilation and easy to clean, SANAIR® boards and pallets help to reduce the number of turns and the aging time.

Aging Solutions - Alpma GB


SERVI DORYL stack trolleys, made from stainless steel, are intended for transporting your stacks of block-moulds and racks. They come in single- and double-stack versions and have an in-built manual lifting system.

Simple and effective, our wipe-clean polypropylene copolymer plates come in a range of colours for writing information that can easily be changed, thus allowing better visual traceability of your products. They have been designed for fixing onto AGING racks or any other holder.

Accessories - Alpma GB

Semipermeable wrapping material

For mould ripened cheeses. Printing to order. Perforated PP + 40gsm waxed paper. Unprinted stock sheets:
200 x 200 mm
270 x 270 mm 450 x 450 mm
230 x 230 mm 320 x 320 mm  

A range of other wrapping material is also available.

Semipermeable Wrapping Material - Alpma GB
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