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ALPMA GB Limited has been based in the UK since 1987. Few companies can provide so many solutions and services, all from one UK-based supplier.

The family consists of machinery for cheese production, cutting/ packaging lines, process technology, soft cheese equipment, project automation, case packing and it’s all supported by UK-based service.

And ALPMA’s APSIS 4.0 – the interactive spare parts catalogue – has revolutionised access to vital components and is available for all ALPMA customers.

ALPMA. On balance, your best solution
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The ALPMA GB offices get an upgrade!

New solar panels are installed and they generate more power than the factory actually uses. Now fully operational, ALPMA and it’s customers are protected against energy price rises and in addition, is making a positive contribution to going carbon neutral.
A complete office refurbishment creates a better working environment for all. And a new training and display area has been made for the benefit of staff and customers.
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ALPMA GB Limited products and services

From the head office in Basingstoke, ALPMA provides a wide range of solutions.
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Servi Doryl, Richard-Loleu, Specialist Cheese Makers

Cheese moulds and accessories

SERVI DORYL designs, produces and markets moulds, block-moulds, coagulation vats, draining trays and a whole host of other products for making all types of soft and pressed cheese alike.

They have developed unique techniques over the years for perforating, marking patterns, shaping and welding high-performance, high-quality plastic parts and plates.

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Complete solutions under one roof

ALPMA designs and manufactures installations for all kinds of cheeses and dairy sizes. An ALPMA line is designed on a modular basis and can therefore be adapted step-by-step to fit a growing dairy.

Industrial Installations – Continuous Cheese Production of over 1,000,000 litres/day

Automatic milk preparation, the highest levels of portioning exactness with technologically balanced portioning and constant conditions during ripening ensure you unsurpassed yield and therefore the success of your industrial cheese Production.

Medium-sized Installations – Continuous Cheese Production up to 100,000 litres/day

High flexibility, variety of cheese types and innovative adjustment are the characteristics of today’s medium-sized dairies. Curd preparation is carried out either fully continuously using our modern Coagulators or in traditional cheese vats.

Small Installations – Continuous Cheese Production up to 10,000 litres/day

With comprehensive cheese vats from 400 litres, efficient production circuits can be created. Ideal for milk processing of up to 10,000 litres/day and for all soft cheese types.

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