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Process technology

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Together with its branch LTH Dresden, ALPMA has been delivering innovative installations for the food industry all over the world for more than 20 years. 

We are specialists in the pre-processing of milk for dairies and the further processing of sweet and acid whey into high-quality whey protein products.

Your partner in process technology and installation manufacturing

Process technology and plant manufacturing

We plan and manage installations for the processing of milk which are specially designed to suit the requirements of our customers, such as:

  • Reception systems for milk and whey
  • Production lines for fresh and sour milk products
  • Tank storage
  • Raw milk pasteurisation, skimming, sterilisation
  • Milk standardisation for fat and protein content
  • Heating of dairy milk
  • CIP installations and heat shifting systems
  • Piping systems
  • Treatment of cream
  • Preparation of rinsing water
  • Preparation and dosing of cultures.
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Process Technology and Plant Manufacturing - Alpma GB

Membrane filtration

Project management and manufacturing of membrane filtration installations including complete control and regulation technology for the following applications:

  • Fractioning and concentration of whey
  • Casein standardisation / yielding of milk serum
  • Sterilisation of milk and whey
  • Production of quark and cream cheese
  • Bacteriological stabilisation of brine
  • Filtration of solutions from biotechnology
  • Special applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
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Membrane filtration Alpma GB


The ALPMA CreamoProt process enables you to use your own valuable whey protein economically as follows:

  • Substitute for milk casein in your products by less expensive whey protein
  • Substitute for milk fat by less expensive, healthier whey protein
  • Increase in the water-binding capability of your products
  • Increase in yield, cost saving, qualitative improvement of your products!
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CreamoProt - Alpma GB

Whey refining

ALPMA develops and realises economically-interesting applications for the direct use of liquid whey, which is a by-product of the cheese production process. Examples of use:

  • Use of liquid whey protein concentrate (WPC35-60) for fermented dairy products
  • Whey skimming and sterilisation
  • Production of WPC and WPI from whey / ideal whey
  • Use of particulated whey protein concentrates with the ALPMA CreamoProt process
  • Partial demineralisation of fresh and sour whey
  • Concentration of whey by reverse osmosis (RO).
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Whey Refining - Alpma GB
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