Process technology and plant manufacturing


We plan and manage installations for the processing of milk which are specially designed to suit the requirements of our customers, such as:

  • Reception systems for milk and whey
  • Production lines for fresh and sour milk products 
  • Tank storage
  • Raw milk pasteurisation, skimming, sterilisation
  • Milk standardisation for fat and protein content
  • Heating of dairy milk
  • CIP installations and heat shifting systems
  • Piping systems 
  • Treatment of cream
  • Preparation of rinsing water 
  • Preparation and dosing of cultures. 
Milk pasteurisation line

Milk pasteurisation line

Pasteurisation, separation and sterilisation milk pasteurisation line including skimming separator, bactofuge and automatic standardisation.

Tank storage

Tank storage

Connection tank storage filling and emptying hub for the connection of raw milk tanks.