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Cutting technology

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Your partner for state-of-the-art cutting technology, for cheeses of all types, shapes and sizes but also for many other products – both sweet and savoury!

Whether you wish to cut cheese or other foods, whether they are small or wagon wheel sized, the precise cutting technology of our ALPMA machines cuts every product with absolute exactness, regardless of its consistency.

Your partner for state-of-the-art cutting technology

Bar and block divison

ALPMA block cutters always do a good job no matter whether they are in front of a slicing, portioning or grating machine.

Exact pre-division, for example of film-ripened Gouda into bars, is a decisive pre-requisite for economic further processing into portions or slices.

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Bar and Block Divison - Alpma GB

Cutting of round cheese

ALPMA offers tailor-made solutions for the cutting of round cheeses, either with or without centre cut-out and/or separation for subsequent further processing.

In doing so, ALPMA’s cutting technology manages to shape the most diverse of products – from very soft to hard.

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Cutting of round cheese Alpma GB

Cutting of Portions

ALPMA offers tailor-made solutions for the cutting of bars and portions, either with or without separation for subsequent processing.

From soft to hard – ALPMA’s cutting technology stands for precision and shapes products with the most diverse consistencies.

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Cutting of Portions - Alpma GB

Cutting of cubes

Precise cubes for challenging cheese consistencies. The portions are placed manually onto the infeed belt and transported to the cutting mesh while fixed between the upper and lower belt. The portions which have been pre-cut lengthways in the cutting mesh are then cut into cubes by the cutting wire.

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Cutting of Cubes - Alpma GB

Cutting of specialities

Multi conveyor cutting technology based on the proven individual cut method used by the CUT 32.

CS 60 cutting lines enable the cutting of extremely soft cheeses, such as Italian Crescenza, into equal-weight portions.

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Cutting of specialities - Alpma GB

Cutting of cake

Multi-station cutting machine for the division of round cakes into between 2 and 16 segments. Capacity up to 30 cakes per minute.

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Cutting of Cake - Alpma GB

Line automation

De-palletting, de-boxing, unwrapping of cheese blocks as well as buffer and accumulation systems.

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Line Automation - Alpma GB

Infeed devices

Different cheese shapes and portion sizes need individual infeed systems.

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Infeed Devices - Alpma GB
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