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Cheese production technology

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ALPMA GB Limited, your partner in cheese production, builds installations for the production of soft, blue, semi-hard and now mozzarella, using some the best technologies in the world. The unique principle of continuous cheese production was developed and perfected by ALPMA.

Installation technology, control technology and our technological expertise can all come from one company – ALPMA.

Every types of cheese can be made on ALPMA equipment

Types of cheese

ALPMA designs and manufactures dairy installations for many different types of cheeses and dairy sizes.

Blue Cheese
Feta and White Cheese
Twarog Cream Cheese
Semi-Hard Yellow Cheese
Pasta Filata Mozzarella
Yellow Cheese
Soft Cheese

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ALPMA designs and manufactures installations for all kinds of cheeses and dairy sizes. An ALPMA line is designed on a modular basis and can therefore be adapted step-by-step to fit a growing dairy.

Industrial Installations
Medium-sized Installations
Small Installations

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Curd preparation

The art of curd preparation is decisive for the yield and quality of the cheese. ALPMA offers optimum systems for the preparation of small batches up to large installations with more than one million litres per day.

Regardless of whether the batch system or a fully continuous installation is in use – ALPMA always offers the optimum solution!

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Curd preparation - Alpma GB

Whey Drainage

The amount of remaining whey during portioning is a decisive factor for the dry matter of the final product. This process can be exactly controlled with whey drainage drums and filter conveyors.

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Whey Drainage - Alpma GB


Curd quality and portioning technique determines the quality of the cheese at a very early stage. Deviations cannot be easily corrected and have a direct influence on weight, consistency, shape and quality of the cheese.

ALPMA has developed various portioning systems for a large variety of cheeses, which are tailor-made to the various demands.

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Portioning - Alpma GB

Block Moulds

Moulds have a great influence on the form, dry matter and final weight of the cheese. For this reason ALPMA placed great importance on the development of its cheese moulds. Quite often, intensive trials on site are the only way of finding the correct mould.

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Block Moulds - Alpma GB


The filled moulds are then stacked in mechanisation and taken to further processing stations via automatic conveyors. Enormous amounts are produced in the smallest of areas using reproducible production processes, so that they keep their perfect form and moisture content.

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For the dry salting of cheeses of racks in transit.

Feta and White Cheese Canister
The container is designed so that eight cheese blocks each measuring 220 x 110 mm can be salted, ripened and stored.

For small installations with manual loading, up to industrial installations with automatic infeed.

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salting - Alpma GB

Movement from Rack to Rack

The cheese must be removed from the mould, either prior to or after salting. This is best done fully-automatically.

The loading of the ripening racks is carried out by a vacuum drawing device. The negative pressure used is very low and is gentle on the sensitive skin of the raw cheese. The suckers are of a hygienic design and are easy to clean.

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Movement from rack to rack - Alpma GB


Cheese needs peace and time to ripen. Continuity is also important for the ripening process. Only under constant climatic conditions with suitable temperature, humidity and air speed, can the cheese ripen into the desired delicacy.

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Ripening - Alpma GB


The cleaning of blockforms is made easy by the maintenance and cleaning-friendly construction of the ALPMA mould cleaning machine.

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