Feta / White cheese in loaf form


Feta White Cheese in Loaf Form

This cheese which has been at home in the Middle East for centuries has now securely established itself in Central Europe. Stored in Brine, it also keeps well in warm areas. Its high salt content and savoury flavour make it a valued ingredient in German cooking for use in Mediterranean salads, for grilled cheese toppings and for many other savoury delicacies. Feta and White Cheeses are traditionally made from sheep’s milk, but today they are often produced using cow’s milk. 

Great quantities of Feta and White Cheese are also produced in Central Europe and then exported to all corners of the globe. With several continuously-producing installations in France, Germany and Iran, in particular, ALPMA  has created a name for itself as a partner for the manufacture of traditional Feta Cheese.