Stilton blue cheese


ALPMA Stilton Blue Cheese

Due to its dry matter, blue cheese belongs to the semi-hard yellow cheese group. It gets its name from the blue cheese mould, which belongs to the Penicillium family. It grows in aerobic conditions. Blue cheese is pierced with needles so that the blue veins can form. The cheese, which usually has quite a high fat content, is given its nice savoury flavour by the blue mould. This special flavour is the reason that blue cheeses are popular with cheese lovers all over the world.

Cheeses such as French Roquefort, Italian Gorgonzola, German Edelpilzkaese and British Stilton are often spoken of as the “Kings of Cheeses” thanks to their “blue blood”. Blue cheese specialities have been successfully produced for over 30 years on ALPMA installations.