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In contrast to the classic butter pack, "FreshPack" offers perfect product protection. The all-round sealing guarantees protection against manipulation and creates confidence among consumers. In addition, the sealing protects the butter from oxygen exchange. The aroma thus remains in the product for much longer.

FreshPack - for butter but also other pasty products such as mixed fat, cream cheese etc.

Due to the innovative folding concept, soft, pasty products can be packed in foil and sealed all around. The unique packaging concept has significant advantages over the classic butter pack.

The packaging machine operates fully automatically. The packaging material is fed from the roll. Cuts are punched from a foil layer and then formed into foil cups into which the product is filled. The package is then closed, sealed and folded so that all flaps fit tightly. From the outfeed conveyor 200 packs/min, all nicely formed, with tamper-proofed closure, aroma seal and an "easy opening".
Alpma Freshpack advert sealed butter packaging
Alpma Freshpack product sealed butter packaging
Alpma Freshpack advert sealed butter packaging machine

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