Small formats


The ALPMA SAN range offers clever hygienic concepts from the basic model right through to the fully-automatic packaging line so that your products can shine. All different shapes and formats can be wrapped extremely economically using machine-standard films and foils – despite the usual dimensional tolerances of natural products.

Product Dimensions: 

Diameter       max. 160 mm  
Length           max. 140 mm 
Height            max.   75 mm
Width             max. 120 mm

packing technology small formats MultiSAN


Traditional fold wrapping with the newest Servo technology with a capacity of up to 80 products per minute. Standstills are reduced to a minimum with the OptiForm technology for simple format changes without the need for tools. 

Furthermore the Servo technology for flexible process control ensures optimum machine adjustment for the most varied of products. The swivelling film aggregate leads to an improvement in machine accessibility and the wash-down construction simplifies machine maintenance. Optional additional aggregates for labelling etc. round off the scope of delivery.

packing technology small formats SAN 60/V

SAN 60/V 

With a capacity of up to 60 products per minute and thanks to its vertical operation, it is suitable as an individual machine or for integration into a fully automatic packaging line.

packing technology small formats SAN 80/TS

SAN 80/TS 

Packaging machine with up to 80 products per minute. The product can be either  sealed or closed with a sticker.

 packing technology small formats SAN 60 

SAN 60 

This packaging machine fascinates with its short conversion times but also with its flexible and fast adjustment to the most varying product shapes and sizes.


packing technology small formats RT 6000 

RT 6000 

The RT 6000 shapes your soft cheese. The production stages dividing, separation, packaging, grouping, boxing and canning are all carried out by a single machine within 2.5 square metres.