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Installations as versatile as Mozzarella itself:
Modular design for a growing dairy

Mozzarella’s versatility makes it a favourite all around the world and customers’ appetite for this tasty natural product seems only to increase.

ALPMA's versatile, modular installations have been helping manufacturers all over the world as they grow, and demand increases.

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Installations as versatile as Mozzarella itself: Modular design for a growing dairy

Complete pasta filata systems.

complete pasta filata system

Curd preparation


Continuous curd preparation for the highest possible yield.

Coagulator - Alpma GB

Bassine system

Curd preparation in individual plastic tubs (basins) that are driven over a track system.

Bassine system - Alpma GB

Cheese maker

Curd preparation in the batch process

Cheese maker - Alpma GB


Acidification in block forms

Consists of AFE filling device and mechanization system for controlled acidification. This enables long production times without intermediate cleaning

Acidification in block forms - Alpma GB

Acidification on the whey removal belt

Whey removal and acidification on a continuous conveyor belt. Length variable according to residence / acidification time

Acidification on the whey removal belt - Alpma GB

Maturity / buffer channel

Auger channel for curd ripening without whey, transport and pre-cutting of the curd

Maturity / buffer channel - Alpma GB


Filtration system WCSH

Hot water filler with kneading spindle for the production of pasta filata cheese with high dry matter (e.g. pizza cheese, kashkaval, etc.)

Filtration system WCSH - Alpma GB

Filing system WCSL

Hot water filler with kneading arms for the production of pasta filata cheese with low dry matter (edible mozzarella)

Filling system WCSL - Alpma GB


Power moulder

Machine for molding and cooling the shaped Pasta Filata cheese in stainless steel molds

Power moulder - Alpma GB

Forming and pre-cooling carousel

Machine for shaping and pre-cooling of Pasta Filata cheese

Forming and pre-cooling carousel - Alpma GB


Dry salt dispenser

Dry salt dispenser for automatic dosage and salt mixing

Dry salt dispenser - Alpma GB

Cooling salt bath systems

Cooling bath with swing-back transport floor or washing salt bath

Cooling salt bath systems - Alpma GB

Salt bath systems

Salt bath systems for specific applications

Salt bath systems - Alpma GB

Production material

Mold material

Designed for the optimal acidification process during the draining phase. The whey is removed from the side through grooves or holes

Mold material - Alpma GB


Mold cleaning

Continuous cleaning of the mold material with the highest hygiene standards

Mould cleeaning - Alpma GB


Tubular bag packaging

Packaging systems including continuous product feed

Tubular bag packaging- Alpma GB

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